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Bistro lunch at the Plantagenêt restaurant

Try our new summer menu

A relaxing moment in between visits and local discoveries.
Regional recipes, traditionnal French food and local ingredients can be found in our bistro lunch menu as well as a large selection of Loire Valley wines and local craft beers.
There is something for everyone!
(for dinner the Plantagenêt restaurant offers a different gourmet menu!).
Bon appétit!

Bistro lunch at restaurant Le Plantagenêt in the heart of Fontevraud

We are open every day from 12 pm

  • Caesar salad: chicken, Parmesan, Caesar dressing, tomato, anchovies, tomatos, olives, romaine lettuce 15€
  • Summer salad: lamb's lettuce, canteloupe melon, watermelon, feta cheese, mint 15€
  • Thai salad: shrimps, chinese cabbage, coriander, honey, peanuts, bell pepper, tomato 15€
  • Chopped raw sea bass with fresh ginger, coriander, lime, olive oil, pine nuts 10€
  • Chilled Andalusian gaspacho with traditional accompaniments: bell pepper & cucumber 9.5€
  • La Gouline: a local pie with mushrooms, rillauds (=pork), shallots, local white wine and a light cheese and cream sauce 9.5€
  • Large toast with herbs & goats' cheese from Touraine, chilled vegetables 9.5€
  • Loire fritters: deep fried small fish from the river nearby, home made tartare sauce 11€
  • Regional cantaloupe melon, Serrano ham and a red port granité 9.5€
  • Duck liver pâté, home made brioche bread, seasonal chutney  16€
  • Flash grilled salmon steak with soy sauce and ginger served with a lime & cream sauce, market fresh vegetables 15€
  • Thick grilled pork chop with black garlic, today's selection of vegetables 16€
  • Charolais beef burger with Comté cheese, tomato, onion, grilled bacon, chef's own ketchup, French fries 15€
  • 180gr raw beef tartare with condiments and crispy French fries 16€
  • Flambéed gambas with aniseed, risotto with local safron, crunchy fennel 16€
  • Seafood casserole topped with puff pastry: sea bass, gambas, salmon, today's vegetables 16€
  • Grandma's veal hot pot with lime, caramelised small onions with pilav style rice 15€
  • Heavenly: a dark chocolate dome with raspberries, mascarpone-vanilla cream, red fruit coulis 8€
  • White and dark chocolate mousse on a crispy base 7€
  • Caramelised puff pastry with local strawberries and a light lemon-tarragon cream 8€
  • THE local dessert: Crémet d'Anjou made with fromage frais, cream and red fruit 7€
  • A Lavazza expresso with three small desserts: mini almond-pistache-raspberry cake, macaroon, a scoop of passion fruit sorbet  8€
  • Three scoops of Gérard Cabiron's ice creams or sorbets 7€
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