Loire Valley wines of the month

We proudly present the beautiful wines from Couly-Dutheil in Chinon in our Le Plantagenet restaurant this summer.

This family run business was founded in Chinon by Baptiste Dutheil in 1921 and expanded further under the management of his son René Couly. His son Jacques and his grand son Arnaud -the winemaker- have further developped the business. Among their clientèle locals, national wine lovers and international clients alike.

The quality of the ‘terroir’ (=type of soil) provides aromatic, well-balanced wines with lots of character and full of delicate flavours and aromas. Local grapes Cabernet Franc (red) et Chenin Blanc (white) are harvested only when fully matured. All Couly Dutheil vineyards face the Vienne river, whereas the Moulins de Turquant vineyards face the Loire river. This means that every  ‘terroir’ provides a completely different wine; even when the same grape variety is used !

The next few weeks you can try 3 of Couly Dutheil’s wines at our Plantagenêt restaurant:

Les Gravières – a red Chinon wine made with Cabernet Franc grapes from a ‘gravière terroir’ (=stony soil) combined with the vintner’s expertise and barrel fermentation turn it into a balanced, powerful yet delicate local red that goes with fish, meat, poultry and cheese.

Les Moulins de Turquant – a white Saumur wine full of fruit flavors (apple, pear, citrus) and delicate flower aromas. An excellent, dry but fruity wine which goes well with starters, fish, goat’s cheese and of course as an aperitif.

La Closerie – as the French say the ‘rose petal coloured dress’ of this wine makes it the perfect friend for a lazy afternoon’s aperitif, a pic-nic or barbecue. At the Plantagenêt restaurant we also serve this Chinon rosé as an aperitif on our flowered terrace and as a perfect companion for our summer menus – summer has arrived !

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